The Safety Effect is a service provided by The Training Effect (TTE) and funded by Oxfordshire County Council for young people, schools and parents that forms part of a county-wide project focused on the ‘Protective Behaviours’ approach. At the core of our service, we will be providing protective behaviour sessions directly to young people in school.


Protective Behaviours is a framework for personal safety that builds confidence and develops like skills so that young people can feel safe. Through the protective behaviours process, we will improve the confidence and life skills of young people so that they can stay safe as they engage in the challenges and adventures that come with adolescence.


TTE has extensive experience delivering engaging and evidence-based sessions to the young people of Oxfordshire through In-Formed, a life skills education service commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council and delivered by TTE from 2014 to 2019 when it was superseded by this new service.


Over its five years of delivery, In-Formed provided skills based sessions related to risk-taking behaviours and adolescent issues to over 35,000 young people and worked with every secondary school in the county.

In addition, TTE deliver school-based intervention programmes across the UK focused on PSHE, emotional and mental health, risk-taking behaviours and youth violence. 


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