The Safety Effect provide free Protective Behaviours sessions to all secondary schools in Oxfordshire. 


Protective Behaviours is an approach that focuses on improving the confidence and skills of young people enabling them to feel safe and get support should they need to as they move through adolescence


The core service provides direct delivery of evidence-based, engaging personal safety sessions to young people in school. The sessions are aimed at Key Stage 3 pupils (Years 7-9). 

Additionally, we will also be providing a range of PSHE support, helping local schools to be ready and compliant for the introduction of statutory PSHE from September 2020. This will include the provision of lesson plans and associated resources alongside curriculum planning tools to help participating schools meet their statutory responsibilities. These resources will be hosted on the member's area of this website from September 2019.

What is the 'Protective Behaviours' approach? 

Protective Behaviours is a framework for personal safety that builds confidence and develops like skills so that young people can feel safe.

The framework focuses on two core themes with a number of concepts and strategies within each:

1. We all have the right to feel safe all of the time


This theme looks at rights and responsibilities. We explore feeling safe (and unsafe), the recognition of Early Warning Signs (EWS) basically our internal alarm system to risky and unsafe situations and how feelings of safety are on a continuum which extends from 'Safe' to 'Unsafe'. 


Understanding our own 'Early Warning Signs' are a key skill which help young people recognise when they are unsafe. The sessions also focus on skills and strategies which can help young people feel and return to feeling safe.


We also relate these sessions to specific topics ensuring young people receive well-rounded education and support focused on the behaviours and experiences experienced in adolescence.  


2. We can talk with someone about anything, even if it feels awful or small


This theme focuses on the ideas and effects of ‘talking’ and what might happen if we don’t. We encourage pupils to develop their own personal networks of support using interactive sessions and activities. These networks of support include all those people they could turn to if in need.


We help young people explore the qualities people in their support network should possess and explore how we can assess if said qualities exist.


Through the protective behaviours process we will improve confidence and life skills of young people so that they can stay safe as they engage in the challenges and adventures that come with adolescence.

If you would like to speak to a member of the team for more information or to book a session please click here.

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